Swift and effective execution.

Each TPC client benefits from 100% of our team’s experience and capabilities. TPC has dedicated marketing and project management professionals providing best-in-class fundraising skills, highly tailored solutions and a unique hands-on client service experience. TPC provides fund placement and advisory services to both emerging and established managers and each engagement entails detailed due diligence, creating/refining offering materials and fundraising strategy, preparing clients for meetings with investors and their advisors, constant market feedback, swift execution and guidance with the negotiation and closing of LP commitments.

Client/Project Management and Strategic Advisory

Due Diligence /
  • Help evaluate, refine and select the optimum strategy to accomplish the fundraising goal.
  • Perform investor-level DD to identify GP’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Based on due diligence, refine fundraise strategy/message, Investment Summary, PPM and other presentation materials.

Marketing/Investor Coverage

  • Identify and pre-qualify potential investors.
  • “Pre-market” the fund (sponsor, strategy, etc.) to a few select and sophisticated investors.
  • Conduct mock LP meetings with client to ensure concise presentation of GP’s story, strategy and track record.
  • Manage roadshow calendar and marketing materials.
  • Coordinate and provide guidance/feedback on investor questions/DD requests.
  • Coordinate all due diligence site visits and subsequent informational requests.
  • Distribute Investment Summary and educate investors/consultants on the fund offering.
  • Identify, pre-screen/vet and prioritize qualified investors/consultants and attend meetings.
  • Provide clients with ongoing guidance/feedback throughout the campaign and track investor/consultant discussions.
  • Perform follow-up mock LP meetings to reinforce key elements of GP’s presentation which resonate well with LPs.
  • Provide non-legal financial advisory and marketing assistance in the negotiations and ultimate execution of subscription/partnerships documents.
  • Assist client’s legal counsel in documenting and closing on investor commitments.
  • Secure capital commitments from investors.
  • Evaluate investor proposals in monetary/non-monetary terms and advise on pros/cons of such terms.